6 Amazing Gardens of Balboa Park

6 Amazing Gardens of Balboa Park

Balboa Park contains 1200 acres and 16 gardens in the center of San Diego. It has been home to two World Fair's, one in 1915-16 and again in 1935-6. Kate Sessions, 'The Mother of Balboa Park', designed the natural landscape. Explore these six of the most impressive gardens.

1935 Old Cactus Garden

Created by Kate Sessions for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition, its remote location makes it a secluded retreat in this urban park.

1935 Old Cactus Garden Balboa Park

Alcazar Garden

Spanish Gardens that recreate the style of Seville, Spain with fountains surrounded by 7,000 annuals.

Alcazar Garden Balboa Park

Palm Canyon

A canyon trail leads to 2 acres containing 450 palms with some planted as early as 1912. 

Palm Canyon Balboa Park

Botanical Building

One of the largest lath structures in the world features seasonal collections surrounded by 2,000 palms, ferns and orchids. 

Botanical Building Balboa Park

Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden

More than 2,400 rose bushes and 180 varieties cover 3 acres in a spectacular mirage of color. 

Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden Balboa Park

Desert Garden Balboa Park

1,300 desert plants, cacti and succulents from all over the world make up this inspiring garden. 

Desert Garden Balboa Park