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'L.A. & Company' showcases my epic California Adventures from September 2011 to March 2012.

There are not many places where one can be at the beach, frolic through endless fields of wildflowers, see a perfect snowfall in a forest, hike a mountain, hop onto an island, crawl through a sea cave or canyon and be back in the desert in time for dinner.

I came to realize that the true gifts of living here are the ones that most do not even take the time to appreciate: The blink of a hummingbird, the sniffle of a golden eagle, a snowflake that kisses an autumn leaf, the guiding arms of the Joshua Tree, the curious eyes of a seal, a kaleidoscopic sunset, the sound of absolute silence in the desert, the howl of a coyote, a night diamond sky, finding a newly washed up sand dollar, the rare glimpse of a condor, the scent that attaches to me as I leave the mountains, a pelican as it dives for its daily catch, a prickly Cholla cactus that appears to be as soft as a teddy bear, the way the tides change through the day...

These simple moments are my truth.

Standard Landscape, 440 pgs

Publish Date 04/2012

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