JT 2050

'J/T/20/50' celebrates my two years of visits to Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree became my first introduction to the beautiful desert. It was love at first sight. I now knew that there was more to the desert than heat, dryness and sand. The desert is the most beautiful and diverse place on Earth. I found myself constantly escaping to the desert to enjoy its hidden beauty, discover its secrets and channel solitude. It is the perfect place to calm the soul and reflect on life.

This book contains some of my favorite moments captured in this pristine Mojave Wilderness. I dedicate this book to the desert lover of the past, present and future. May it inspire you to delve into the desert and see for yourself the mysteries it has to offer. J/T/20/50 Celebrates 20 years of the California Desert Conservation Act promoting Joshua Tree from Monument to National Park as well as 50 Years of American Wilderness.

8x10, 156 pgs

Publish Date 12/2014

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