A Traveler's Curiosities

'A Traveler's Curiosities' is the essential journal for the creative traveler in us all.

Creativity, culture and history of the past, present and future are important keys to note while on the road. The journal is broken into different sections highlighting elements of travel that are often overlooked. The point is to dig deep and see beyond the normal sights and sounds.

Printed on High Quality Archival Mohawk Paper, all of the sections are completely customizable and made to last. A few ideas...

travel, read, write, design, draw, doodle, sketch, highlight, paste, stamp, cover, explore, fly, drive, ride, look, see, smell, view, document, study, customize, swim, run, hike, bike, play, eat, taste, discover, lounge, enjoy, color, scribble, shine, share, relax, carry, repeat...

Square, 80 pgs

Publish Date 08/2011

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