Creative Boulevards The First 5 Years

This exclusive magazine showcases the finest photographs from my collection of 22 published photography books. From my time in Chicago to the Joshua Trees, follow me on my many travels across country in this portfolio.

The House on the Rock, The Marvelous Photographic Book of Chicago Wonders, Garfield Park Conservatory 360 Degrees, Las Vegas - A Modern Metropolis, A Traveler's Curiosities, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, The Great Western Gold Rush, Three, Toy-Kam-Raw, 7 Hours of the Joshua Tree, L.A. & Company, The Great Train Robbery, Valleys of Fire, The Land of the Giants, The Dance of The Mojave, Celebrate Chicago, 3111 Sandstone Peak, Southern California Country, Elevated, UnFinished Odyssey's (UFO's), Mirage 22

200 pgs

Publish Date 09/2014

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