National Park Travelogues

'National Park Travelogues’ celebrates the Centennial of the National Park Service by highlighting 40 parks taken on my epic 5-year-journey across the country. With a collection compiled from more than one hundred thousand photographs, it is my pleasure to dedicate this book to all who have found refuge in America’s National parks.

My visit to the Indiana Dunes sent me on a transition into Landscape Photography to photograph as many National Parks as possible. I would freeze at -10 degrees in the Ice Caves of the Apostle Islands, feel the sun at 114 degrees in Death Valley. Experience the twisted arms of the Joshua Tree while my first sight of a Giant Sequoia would leave me forever in awe. See the shifting sands of the Kelso Dunes in Mojave and the unforgettable sound of silence. Observe petroglyphs and cliff dwellings of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada that revealed the cosmic past of Native Americans. Glacier Point in Yosemite exposed the mighty power of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The amphitheater of Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon told the extraordinary world of canyons and their millions of years in the making. The kaleidoscopic sunsets of Malibu in the Santa Monica Mountains changed the way I knew the transition from day to night. The 5,000 year old ancient bristlecone pine trees of the Great Basin Desert showed me the timeless quality of mother nature. The Island Fox, only found on the Channel Islands and nowhere else on Earth, frolicked mysteriously in the grassland. The Painted Desert during a storm painted unlimited shades of chromaticity. The lighthouse at Point Loma projected a guiding light to all surrouned by it and talking with the Native Navajo at Canyon de Chelly made me acknowledge we are all one always connected to the Earth and its source.

8x10, 480 pgs

Publish Date 12/2016

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