stage trails

#277 Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park

Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park preserves rocky canyons, Native American sites and an historic stagecoach route. Tongva, Chumash, and Tataviam Native Americans used this spot as a trading route and many remnants still remain. From 1861-76, it served as the Old Santa Susana Stage Road which connected travelers from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara & San Francisco. In the 1900's, it served as the backdrop of the old west for the adjacent RKO Studios.


#268 Box Canyon

In present day Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Box Canyon marks what was once the only year-round route into California. The Southern Emigrant Trail became the first official road and wagon route in 1847. Pioneers had to use hand tools to carve along the canyon walls to create the trail. Today, a hike into the canyon will take you back to discover the rough terrain encountered by early settlers.


#70 Warner's Ranch

Warner's Ranch, high in the mountains of San Diego County, was a Pioneer Ranch built in 1849. It served as a stop for the famous Southern Emigrant and Butterfield Stage Trails that brought immigrants as well as mail into California during the California Gold Rush. It was an important stop because year round travel was possible due to lack of snow unlike other northern routes. For a time, it was the only trading post between New Mexico and Los Angeles. The Ranch House became a National Historic Landmark in 1961.