san bernardino national forest

#279 Mount San Jacinto State Park

Mount San Jacinto State Park is the crown jewel above Palm Springs. Reached by the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, this alpine park provides stunning views of forested rocky peaks that drop to the Coachella Valley below along the Desert View Trail. Mount San Jacinto soars at 10,834 feet and is the second highest peak in Southern California. With most of the park designated wilderness, modern life will fade away as you enjoy the splendor of the wild.


#246 Rim O' The World

Rim O' The World is a National Scenic Byway in the San Bernardino Mountains. This beautiful 100 mile stretch lives up to its name as it winds along panoramic mountains with gorgeous vistas. You will feel as if you are driving on the edge of the world as you climb to alpine peaks 7,000 feet and up. Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake are just two of the many wonders awaiting discovery.


#155 Palms to Pines National Scenic Byway

Palms to Pines National Scenic Byway is one of the most scenic drives in Southern California. From the desert ecosystem of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley to the snow-covered peaks of the San Bernardino National Forest, this winding road takes you from sea level to peaks more than a mile high in pristine wilderness. Beautiful overlooks offer dramatic views that soar for miles.


#78 Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake is a four season destination high up in the San Bernardino Mountains. With a population around 5,000 and an elevation of 6,752 feet, Big Bear is the perfect escape where fresh alpine air and recreation await. High up, yet surrounded by deep valleys below, Big Bear is also referred to as an 'Island in the Sky'.

Serrano Native Americans inhabited these mountains for thousands of years and called it 'Yuhaviat' which means 'Pine Place'. They lived alongside wild Grizzly Bears which covered California. The Gold Rush eventually caught up to the region and mining occurred here from 1860 to 1875. In the 1950's, Ski Resorts became the main draw leading Big Bear into the resort destination it is today.


#39 Mormon Rocks

Mormon Rocks also named Rock Candy Mountains are a series of sandstone boulders located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. These giant rock formations lie directly in the San Andreas Fault Zone. Part of San Bernardino National Forest, these rocks were named for the settlers moving from Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles in covered wagons in the 1800's. These beautiful formations are along historic Route 66 in today's Cajon Pass.


#18 Lake Arrowhead Village

Lake Arrowhead Village is a charming village high in the San Bernardino Mountains. The elevation is just under a mile high at 5,174 feet. Located in the National Forest just above the sprawling Inland Empire, you will feel worlds away. Quaint shops and restaurants fill the Swiss inspired streets. The water remains crystal clear. Abundant sunshine can be found year round while snow can be enjoyed in the wintertime.