#108 Mission Inn

The Mission Inn is the grandest hotel in the west. Located in Riverside, once the richest city in the United States due to California's 2nd Gold Rush the Citrus Industry, Frank Miller envisioned the Inn so guests would have a luxurious place to stay while visiting. Mission-Revival is the architectural style and is the largest building of its type in the country.

Modeled after California's 21 Spanish Missions, the Inn contains more than 200 rooms that surround garden terraces, art galleries, decorated balconies, sculptures, ballrooms and one of the grandest staircases in the world. Celebrities and presidents have stayed and wed here including Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, John Muir, Amelia Earhart, Ginger Rogers, Clark Gable, Barbra Streisand and Miss Piggy among many many more.

Today, the Mission Inn is a living museum that screams luxury and opulence. Ranked the best in the country year after year, the Annual Festival of Lights Christmas Celebration draws thousand of visitors each season. Whether touring the grounds or staying the night, the Inn will continue to delight.


#105 Sunnylands

Sunnylands is the Annenberg Estate historical property outside of Palm Springs in Rancho Mirage. Famous since 1966, the home and gardens have hosted the most famous entertainers and political figures. Presidents stay here while in Palm Springs. The adjacent visitor center and gardens are open to the public and are beautifully landscaped to resemble the Annenbergs' impressionist painting collection.


#26 Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel

The Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel is a luxurious downtown hotel that opened in 1923. At the time, it was the largest hotel west of Chicago. The architecture is a mix of Renaissance Revival, Mediterranean Revival and Beaux Arts. Its interiors are jaw dropping with hand painted murals, marble columns, chandeliers, 24 karat gold accents, wooden carvings and tapestries. The ceilings were done by famed Italian artist Giovanni Smeraldi whose work can also be seen at the Vatican and White House. Opulence at its finest can be discovered in this glorious hotel.