giant sequoia national monument

#356 Giant Sequoia National Monument

Giant Sequoia National Monument was created on April 15, 2000 to preserve the remaining Sequoia Groves and forest outside of the National Parks. Highway 190 provides a scenic drive high in the Sierra Nevada to the Sequoia's with stunning mountain vistas and recreational areas along the Tule River. 


#121 Chicago Stump

In the late 1800's, nobody in America believed that such a giant tree existed on Earth. To challenge believers, the life of the thousand year old General Noble Sequoia Tree ended. The stump then traveled by train to its new home at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. At the cost of $15,000, nearly half a million in today's dollars, this tree was cut 50 feet from the ground then hollowed into a 14 foot reassembled section at the fair.

Today in Sequoia National Forest on the border of Kings Canyon National Park lies the remaining stump. Several surrounding stumps can be explored as a reminder of the unfortunate Sequoia logging past. *4 wheel drive recommended to get to the stump


#109 Trail of 100 Giants

The Trail of 100 Giants is a beautiful Giant Sequoia trail high in the Sierra Nevada. Part of Giant Sequoia National Monument, a 1.3 mile trail meanders through sequoias at the long meadow grove. These gentle giants are estimated to be about 1500 years old and can be a great, less crowded alternative to Sequoia National Park.