#176 Salton Sea State Recreation Area

The Salton Sea is one of the most fascinating spots in Southern California. Created by accident between 1905-07 while trying the reroute the Colorado River, water seeped through diversion canals for two years and settled into the Cahuilla Valley creating a new sea. Being in the low desert, everyone assumed the water would evaporate; however, the sea had other plans. Recreational resorts sprung up and the Salton Sea became a thriving new Riviera and yacht paradise.

With its lack of moving water supply, the sea became extremely salty causing the introduced fish to die off in the thousands. The beaches are made up of salt and fish bones, needless to say, causing the area surrounding the sea to become undesirable and uninhabitable. Ghost towns surround the shores while bird watchers come to the recreation area to enjoy the variety of birds that use the sea as a stopover between flight. Prepare your noses for a bizarre visit.