Kaleidoscopic petrified wood, crystal canyons, rugged badlands, Native American petroglyphs & ruins and sweeping Painted Desert views make a visit to Petrified Forest National Park a timeless and colorful experience 225 million years in the making

Petrified Forest Native American

Giant Logs

The Giant Logs Trail of the rainbow forest offers a first glimpse at the park's namesake wood through a 1/2 mile loop.

Rainbow Forest Petrified Forest

Agate House

A reconstructed Ancestral Puebloan home thought to be occupied between 1050 and 1300. The pueblo can be accessed via a 2 mile round-trip hike. 

Agate House Petrified Forest

Long Logs Trail

Along the same trail as the Agate House, Long Logs Trail preserves some of the largest and most concentrated portions of petrified wood in the park.

Long Logs Petrified Forest

The Flattops

A sea of rugged geologic badlands 

The Flattops Petrified Forest

Crystal Forest

Petrified wood enshrined with quartz crystal along a 3/4 mile trail

Crystal Forest Petrified Forest

The Tepees

Mudstone mesas rising from the grasslands

The Tepees Petrified Forest

Jasper Forest

Colorful badlands filled with petrified wood deposits

Jasper Forest Petrified Forest

Blue Mesa

Blue bentonite clay formations rising from the flats can be explored from a 3 mile drive with several overlooks

Blue Mesa Petrified Forest

Blue Forest

An up-close and personal look at the mudstone bentonite clay formations of Blue Mesa through a one mile hike

Blue Forest Petrified Forest

Puerco Pueblo

A 100 room Ancestral Puebloan village located near the Puerco River. Occupied during the 1300's by nearly 200 people, petroglyphs can be seen on surrounding boulders. 

Puerco Pueblo Petrified Forest

Newspaper Rock

More than 600 petroglyphs cover this rock created by Ancestral Puebloans 650 to 2,000 years ago. 

Newspaper Rock Petrified Forest

Route 66

The only survivng stretch of the Mother Road on National Park land is preserved here. The Petrified Forest was an iconic stop for those traveling between Chicago and Los Angeles. 

Route 66 Petrified Forest

Lacey Point

My favorite vista of the Painted Desert is best viewed after a rain when the wet soil allows colors to glisten

Lacey Point Painted Desert

Pintado Point

Breathtaking views of the Painted Desert Wilderness 

Pintado Point Painted Desert

Tiponi Point

Spectacular overlook of the Painted Desert

Tiponi point Painted Desert

Painted Desert Inn

This National Historic Landmark in the Pueblo Revival architectural style was designed by Lyle E. Bennett and Mary Jane Colter. It is now a museum featuring artists-in-residence as well as Route 66 and the Civilian Conservation Corps history. 

Painted Desert Inn Petrified Forest